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We have been configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to your specific application over 10 years. HLC si your one-stop lithium battery China manufacturer for 18650 battery wraps.


Want to customize lithium battery pack?

HLC can help design your specific model and make it safe & durable! What’s more, the manufacturing & delivery time is guaranteed with our factory!

For Brand Owner

Sourcing lithium battery for your brand?

HLC can guarantee you the unique 18650 different series and parallels for your newest innovation. It can be based on the Standard of UL, EN62133 and GB31241.

For CM

Want to appoint us to your CM or assembly factory?

HLC can work with them from samples to mass production delivery. We also take care of the quality and delivery time based on purchase agreement.

China-based Factory

Lithium Battery China


HLC is a professional lithium battery manufacturer with 11 years of experience in OEM/ODM. Our factory houses more than 200 experienced employees and can ensure monthly output of 100,000 set.

HLC offers different combinations of series and parallels of cells, like 18650, 26650, 21700, 32700 etc, aiming to meet customers’ unique demands.

We are making great efforts to achieve win-to-win situation and looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!


Our features models

The main reasons people prefer to 18650 battery batteries: High energy density, better safety, low cost, good consistency, and good heat dissipation capacity

Key Process Flows

18650 7S5P Battery Pack

18650 battery pack process flow: cell selection, circuit design, assembly, aging. It may
provide proper charger for battery. The production standard can be UL1642, IEC62133
or GB31241 based on your requests.

Need to Customize Your Next Innovation with lithium battery?


What we do for testing?

Why HLC Battery is Reliable & Durable?

We will strictly maintain and abide by the safety test, the following test items:

Squeeze test

Place the fully charged lithium iron phosphate battery on a flat surface, apply a pressing force of 13±1KN by a hydraulic cylinder, and squeeze the battery from the flat surface of a steel rod with a diameter of 32mm. Once the squeezing pressure reaches the maximum, stop squeezing. The battery does not catch fire, just don't explode.

Overcharge test

Fully charge the lithium iron phosphate battery with 1C, and conduct an overcharge test according to 3C overcharge 10V. When the battery is overcharged, the voltage rises to a certain voltage and stabilizes for a period of time. When the battery voltage is close to a certain time, the battery voltage rises rapidly, and when it rises to a certain limit , The battery top hat is pulled off, the voltage drops to 0V, and the lithium battery does not catch fire or explode.

Acupuncture test

Place the fully charged battery on a flat surface and pierce the battery radially with a steel needle with a diameter of 3mm. Test that the lithium battery pack does not catch fire or explode.

Impact test

After the battery is fully charged, place it on a flat surface, place a steel column with a diameter of 15.8mm vertically in the center of the battery, and drop a 9.1kg weight freely from a height of 610mm onto the steel column above the battery. Lithium batteries do not catch fire or explode.

Short circuit test

After the battery is fully charged, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are short-circuited with a wire with a resistance of no more than 50mΩ, and the surface temperature of the battery is tested. The maximum temperature of the battery surface is 140°C. The battery cap is pulled apart, and the battery does not catch fire or explode.

Temperature cycle test

The lithium iron phosphate battery temperature cycle test is used to simulate the safety of lithium-ion batteries when they are repeatedly exposed to low and high temperature environments during transportation or storage. The test is carried out using rapid and extreme temperature changes. After the test, the sample should not fire, explode, or leak.


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